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Free & Clear: Show Your Support for Tobacco-Free Public College Campuses in New Hampshire!

Tobacco use is unhealthy for users and those around them. By adding your name to this petition, you’ll show support for all of NH’s public college and university campuses being tobacco-free.

Organized by a collaboration of the University System of New Hampshire and the Community College System of New Hampshire, the Tobacco Free Campus Initiative is supported by a grant from the NH Tobacco Prevention and Control Program. Our mission is to support all NH public college campuses in choosing to be tobacco-free.

By signing the pledge on this page, you will be adding your name to those who believe learning, studying, and teaching tobacco free is an issue worth standing for. This effort is open to students, staff and faculty from USNH and CCSNH who have campus email addresses.

  • Please add your first and last name, along with your campus email address.
  • Choose your campus.
  • Check the box to get occasional email about the campaign progress.
  • Share the petition on social media, if you choose to.

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Supporters of Tobacco-Free Campuses

Brian DeKoning
Amy Michaud Michaud
Nancy Bushinsky
Larkyn Baum
Larkyn Baum
Michael Glennon
Eric Wong
Patty Bedker
Alyson Caruso
Brianna Turner
Melissa Strugnell
Alexis Marcou
Brandy Nasser
Michael Glennon
Kevin Pietro
Mikayla Tewksbury
Jim Ramsay
Anne Broussard
Marc Hiller
Dwain Lozier
Daniel Vasilevsky
David Justice
Aaron Russell
Danielle Pillet-Shore
Adam Wymore
Laura Nickerson
Rachel Clarke-Pounder
Abby Burmeister
Tony Bargardo
Lyin Schramm
Audrey Eastman
Holly Young
Sara Ocanovic
M. A. Powers
Karen Torres
Lynn Szymanski
Hillary Johnson
Keely Pearson
Paige Maddy
Tessa Murphy
Emily Durant
Colleen Driscoll
Mia Holm
Hollie Dutton
Caitlin DeSoye
Tori Sanford
Lauren Horne
Amy Warnock
jacqueline Marshall
Lauren Dustin
Kelly Cullen
Alex Eastman
Stephanie Lewis
Kiegan O'Sullivan
Anupama Sukhu
Ashley Vogl
Ashley Norton
Corena Dungey
Dwain Lozier
Susan Browning
Ashley Lapp
Peter Degnan
Donna Stickney
Patty Bedker
Nancy Palmer
Heather M. Smith
wendy harris
Elise Daniel
Alan Bryce
Kelly Shaw
Stacy Hokinson
Melinda McMahon
Elise Britton
Janice Hughes
Brian Bartlett
Donna Dooley
Jill Savage
Abigail D'Ambrosia
Holly Young
Lori Wright
Lily Josephs
Jordan Badger
Karen Wynn
Mary Wiley
Tom Gruen
Kimberly Marsh
Thomas Trogele
Susan Reiss
Jeff Beltramo
Emily Lord
Casey Hancock
Melissa McGee
Kathleen Simoneau
Abigail Flores
Mackenzie Ganley
Casey Aspell
Eric Miller
Mary Hammar
Francis Hallahan
Brian Cournoyer
Maureen Bourbeau
Dwain Lozier
Alyssa Paola
Marie Carey
Donna-Gayle Kincaid-Shelton
Robin Heiser
Alan Bryce
Jane Dufresne
Kevin Charles
Kathleen Emery
Carol Nelson
Elibet Chase
Amy Liptak
Susan Dunton
Tracy Phillips
Liz Malik
Karen Tetreault
Brian Fleury
Melanie Martel
Catherine E. Brock
Stephen CACCIA
Mindy Carlisle
Sharon Richardson
Maryanne Adams
Christine Barton
Gavitt Kerkel
Zoe Martel
Katya Brennan
Lisa Nicol
Anne Wirkkala
Cameron Hamel
Susan Krenzien
Deb Maynard
Ty Williams
Trisha Dionne
Shaunna Babcock
Zoe Martel
Cassandra Hoefs
Gary Gonthier
Sara Tetro
Lori Wright
James Peters
Judy Quist
Megan Tucker
Sean Moundas
janet turgeon
Susan Haas
Matt Krajcik
Dawn Zitney
Pat Lang
Andrew Taylor
Katelyn Coe
patricia campbell
Karen Brown
Janet Harris
Lois Ratto
Peter Degnan
Tiffany Mathews
Nathan Trauntvein
sandra duvall
Lori Trauntvein
Jane Shannon
Rachael Kreckmann
Alicia DelVento
diane messier
diane messier
kathleen grace-bishop
Rayanne Reusch
Elizabeth Trivett
Madeleine DiIonno
Tim Foley
Anthony Stefanelli
Jane Garofalo
Meagan Dow
Emily Carbonara
Madeline Dalton
Jennifer Pribble
Bridgette Carrier
Rachel Rawlinson
Hannah Buckley
Meghan Nault
Stasia Swiadas
Pat ODonnell
Jennifer Hammond
Brooks Payette
Jordan Badger
Ryan Grogan
Brendan Landry
Richie Coladarci
Beardsley Hammerstorm
Ellie Christiana
Willow Foley
Karen Crawford
Denise Normandin
Marguerite Corvini
Dave Choate
Deb Carr
Molly O'Neil
Jennifer Jurczyk
Marcy Doyle
Christina VanHorn
Alison Rataj
Bridget Drake
Kimberly Persson
Jane Dufresne
Jill Savage
Eve Fralick
Ashley Peters
Alison Rataj