Marguerite Corvini’s Tobacco Story

Marguerite Corvini’s Tobacco Story

I watched my father struggle to quit throughout my childhood. He used to smoke in our Volvo, which had a white interior. When you pulled the sun visor down, you could see a distinct difference between the “naked” roof and the part under the visor. … Read More

Alison Rataj’s Tobacco Story

Growing up, my father always smoked. In fact, when I was very small he would buy me candy cigarettes and we would “smoke” together – mind you, I had to hide the candy cigarettes from my mother in my Hello Kitty purse, otherwise she would have thrown them away and… Read More

Ashley Peters’s Tobacco Story

My brother and I were raised by my grandmother and mother, who were both smokers. From a young age, we were plagued with chronic respiratory health issues which now can be attributed to second hand smoke exposure, and, as adults, we’re both still dealing with those health impacts. We also… Read More

Eve Fralick’s Tobacco Story

As an athlete, I abhor the use of addictive substances that could impact my body, performance, or training capabilities.  The nicotine in cigarettes has been found to be a highly addictive substance that results in shortness of breath and increases the potential for emphysema, heart disease, stroke, and cancer.  In… Read More

Jane Dufresne’s Tobacco Story

While at the beach with my granddaughter, I would like to enjoy the ocean air without having to scope out where the smokers are so she and I are not downwind. Read More